Sunday, April 6, 2008

Live, on Good Mourning TV

Imagine one of your loved ones has just recently passed away in another country and you’re absolutely bogged down with a huge project for your boss or client. You don’t have the time and/or the money to book a flight and get out of the country for a day or two. Would you feel guilty? Distressed?

What if there was another way to witness the funeral that didn’t require you to book a costly flight and take time away?

Wesley Music, a company that specializes on providing music to the bereavement community thinks they’ve got the solution. If people all over the world are communicating and networking in more intimate ways than ever before using the internet, then shouldn’t all distance barricades be broken? With the advent of high speed internet and high resolution cameras, this solution may be a little less than ideal.

But I suppose it should be expected in this age where we are dependant on machines to ease our daily lives. Wesley Music’s idea is to take a funeral, record it live, broadcast it through the internet and have it pay-per-view. I believe this is the type of remediation that we have to get used to. All physical barriers have the potential to be eliminated and be delivered to us electronically.

At last, the world at our fingertips.

The article on Reuters

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I. Reilly said...

the shape of things to come. paul virilio has really interesting things to say about the collapse of space and time in the new teletechnological society. try to get your hands on "open sky" it's a tough read, but very rewarding...